Bitcoin Replication

Posts about Bitcoin written by replicationnetwork. [From the article “Technology behind bitcoin could aid science, report says” posted online at Physics Today] “Blockchain, the technology behind the popular digital currency bitcoin, has the potential to transform research and the science publishing landscape.

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LSD Trip Simulation Replication [Accurate POV]A self-replicating autonomous Tribler exit-node.

Once the bot earns enough Bitcoin, it buys a new VPS instance using Cloudomate, and finally self-replicates.

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We are crypto market makers, building scalable, self-adaptive algorithmic technologies to support sound digital asset markets.

Bitcoin's design follows directly from its objectives. Its replicated, shared ledger is designed to enable the existence of a censorship-resistant digital bearer asset.

25 Jan 2017.

blockchain fabric(s). Keywords: Bitcoin, blockchain, Byzantine fault tolerance, consensus, proof-of-work, scalability, state machine replication.

Bitcoin cryptocurrency demonstrated the utility of global consensus across thousands of nodes, changing the world of digital transactions forever. In the early days of Bitcoin, the performance of its probabilistic proof-of-work (PoW) based consensus fabric, also known as blockchain, was not a major issue. Bitcoin became a success story, despite its consensus latencies on the order of an hour.

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