Elizabeth Ploshay And Micky Malka Elected To Bitcoin Foundation Board

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The Bitcoin Foundation is an American nonprofit corporation. It was founded in September 2012 with the stated mission to standardize, protect and promote the .

3 Sep 2019.

The first board elections took place in 2013, with Meyer Malka winning the Industry seat and Elizabeth Ploshay winning the vote amongst.

Elizabeth Ploshay Of The Bitcoin Foundation: "We Cannot And Should Not Compromise"11 Mar 2014.

Yesterday, the Bitcoin Foundation announced an additional Board of Directors.

Micky Malka, Founder of Ribbit Capital (Industry Seat).

Elizabeth Ploshay, Manager of Communications of Bitcoin Magazine (Individual Seat).

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Bitcoin Foundation's board of directors, as of May 2014, included.

Bobby Lee, Micky Malka, Jon Matonis, Brock Pierce, and Elizabeth Ploshay.

position of Executive Director of the Foundation, and at the end of the election.