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In a recent survey, 80% of customers said they’d pay for systems to disinfect their vehicles amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

California’s Orange County will allow more local businesses to reopen, including parts of Disneyland. Spain will welcome.

If a charging station is being built on a.

German Federal Network Agency.

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According to Article 33, electricity distribution network operators should be excluded from the construction and operation of charging stations as.

The reports that would have been the biggest in the world if Covid-19 had never emerged.

The desire to move to an electric transport future is clear — but there are also barriers to achieving this transformation at.

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#GoingElectric: A road trip through Germany (1) | Made in GermanyGermany and France both restarted their public transport networks with social distancing in place as lockdowns eased in.

Only small rise in passenger numbers as services ramped up after travel restrictions eased.